Our Herd

Our herd is free range 100% of the year.

Ballyhenry is a closed herd and all animals are born on the farm always outside. The cows are 90% purebred Angus. Bulls of the finest quality are sourced and 100% pure bred Angus ensuring a premium beef product. Bulls roam with cows so they can come into calf naturally. Calves are not taken away from mothers. They wean naturally when mother is due to calf the following year.

Our Herd

We’ve built an exceptionally high quality herd, known for it’s traits that really make a difference. Our cattle are low maintenance, adaptable and have a docile nature. The cow’s have strong maternal instincts, superior milking capabilities and high fertility rates.

Low stocking rate (100 breeding cows roaming over 100 acres) gives 3 times more grazing area per animal. 100% Ballyhenry grass fed, no grains or supplements given to satisfy customer. Animals move to new pastures on average every two days during grazing season. Stock are moved from pasture to pasture through connecting gates and learning to follow which eliminates stress.

Quick rotation of stock through the pastures eliminates the need of dosing because they never develop stomach parasites. No animal has been sick or received any drugs, antibiotics, or chemicals of any kind during its lifetime when sold under ‚Äúplus18″ protocols. Our style of farming strives to achieve a below average mortality rate which is very important to us and to be best of breed in the industry.

Beef of exceptional quality

The finest organic grass-fed Angus beef. Suckler reared and grass fed their entire lives. Our cattle roam from pasture to pasture and shelter in copses, just as it should be. they eat only grass and drink only fresh spring water.

  • This method of farming ensure that the animals are in perfect health and without stress.
  • They go for beef between 16 and 20 months old at a family run abattoir within 15 minutes of the farm ensuring the animals are humanely treated and stress free.
  • This system allows our customer to know every detail about the food they are eating or serving.
  • The meat is hung for 20-30 days or as an individual customer may require.

Ballyhenry Organic Angus sold exclusively to Avoca.

Over the counter and available @ Dunboyne or Monkstown or can be delivered to any store on request.

Piercetown, Dunboyne, Co. Meath, Ireland

+353 1 903 1200


11a Monkstown Crescent, Monkstown, Co. Dublin

+353 1 202 0230


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