About Us

Our methods ensure animals are in perfect health and stress-free

At Ballyhenry we believe that our extremely efficient old style system works hand in hand with nature and the environment to produce healthier more succulent beef. Our method of farming ensures that the animals are in perfect health and without stress.

The lessons first learned by our prehistoric ancestors about cattle and grass are converging with our modern understanding of the natural world. At Ballyhenry, only grass-based cattle breeding is our approach to beef production. Animals that are suckler reared and grass-fed their entire life are healthier and their meat is tastier and safer for you.

Today more than ever, the source of your food matters, after all “we are what we eat.”

Our Team

Our team of highly skilled staff, including farm manager, herd manager and farmhand, are delivering excellence against animal welfare and environmental policies. Animal welfare is part of our culture of trust and integrity.

The team principles are based on the co-existence with natural systems. The elimination of pollution and damage to the environment, and the promotion of health in soil, plant and animal, to produce healthy meat with high standards of animal welfare and resect for the wider social and ecological impacts of the agricultural system

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