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AVOCA partners with Ballyhenry Farm to offer customers the farm’s premium and sustainable grass-fed organic beef.

AVOCA partners with Ballyhenry Farm in Ashford to exclusively offer customers the farm’s premium and sustainable grass-fed organic beef. Available now in store, online and for delivery.

Avoca are pleased to announce their partnership with local beef farmer, Joe O’Connell, to provide customers with the finest organic grass-fed angus beef. Suckler reared and grass fed their entire lives, these cattle roam from pasture to pasture and shelter in copses, just as it should be. They eat only grass and drink only fresh spring water.

This partnership between Ballyhenry and Avoca delivers on the promise to provide local, environmentally friendly, antibiotic free, organic and carbon neutral meat products. The herd of cattle are free to roam on the 225-hectare farm, are fed only grass, and live outdoors year-round as nature intended.

Joe O’Connell and his daughter Rebecca Harris farm the property together and have planted copse on the land to provide natural shelter for their cattle. The cows gather under these trees for shelter from the rain, and when they are ready to calve. Joe and Rebecca plant trees every Autumn; and with 400-500 trees to every cow, they are currently in a carbon credit situation.

In keeping with Avoca’s commitment to sourcing products sustainably and supporting Irish producers, this partnership with Ballyhenry Farm is naturally a perfect fit. This local farm is in the village of Ashford, Co. Wicklow, just a short distance from the Avoca Headquarters in Kilmacanogue. BallyHenry’s organic beef produce is now available exclusively in Avoca Butchers and their food market.

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